Want To Ensure You Get A Second Date? Don’t Talk About These Topics On The First Date


You've got a first date coming up? Fantastic! But hold on, there are some conversational landmines you'd want to steer clear of. Keep reading to learn what topics to avoid to secure that second date.


Politics can be polarizing. While it's important to be informed, discussing politics on a first date might lead to disagreements. Focus on lighter subjects to build a connection.

Past Relationships

Your date wants to know about you, not your exes. Keep the conversation positive and future-oriented. Dwelling on past relationships can signal emotional baggage.


Money matters can wait. Avoid discussions about income, debts, or extravagant purchases. Keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable instead.

Diets and Weight

Bringing up diets or weight can be sensitive. Focus on shared interests and experiences rather than discussing personal body-related topics.

Excessive Travel Stories

While travel stories can be fascinating, avoid dominating the conversation with tales of your adventures. Give your date space to share their stories too.

Health Issues

First dates are about building a connection. Save discussions about health problems or medical history for later. Keep the atmosphere positive and lighthearted.

Geeky or Niche Hobbies

While unique hobbies are interesting, avoid diving too deep into geeky or niche topics that your date might not be familiar with. Find common ground instead.

Intellectual Dominance

While it's great to show intelligence, avoid dominating the conversation. Give your date space to express their thoughts and opinions too.

Work Woes

Complaining about work can bring down the mood. Keep the conversation light and focus on topics that help both of you relax and enjoy the moment.

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