10 Safest Countries to Travel to in 2023 Ranked


Planning a trip? Safety is a top priority. Here are the 10 safest countries that should be on your travel radar.


Known for its low crime rates and breathtaking landscapes, Iceland is a haven for travelers seeking safety and adventure.

New Zealand

Explore lush landscapes, vibrant cities, and friendly locals in this safe haven for travelers.


Experience the beauty of the Swiss Alps and impeccable safety standards in this picturesque nation.


Clean streets, efficient public transport, and strict laws make Singapore a top choice for safe travels.


Rich culture, advanced technology, and low crime rates make Japan an ideal destination for a secure trip.


Vast wilderness and welcoming communities await you in this safe and diverse country.


From stunning beaches to the Outback, Australia offers safety and adventure in equal measure.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of fjords and forests while enjoying the safety and tranquility of Norway.


Friendly locals, efficient infrastructure, and a relaxed atmosphere make Denmark a safe and delightful destination.

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