10 of the Most Fun States to Visit in the U.S. According to Americans


Uncover the best states for a fun-filled getaway, as rated by fellow Americans.

California Dreaming

From sunny beaches to iconic cities, California offers a diverse range of attractions.

The Magic of Florida

Experience the enchantment of theme parks, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife in Florida.

Texas Thrills

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the excitement! Explore its rich culture and outdoor adventures.

New York State of Mind

Discover the buzz of the Big Apple and the natural beauty of upstate New York.

Colorful Colorado

Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, outdoor activities, and charming towns.

Sin City - Las Vegas

Indulge in non-stop entertainment, world-class dining, and exhilarating casinos in Las Vegas.

Music and BBQ in Tennessee

Enjoy lively music scenes, finger-licking BBQ, and historic sites in Tennessee.

Arizona Wonders

Explore the Grand Canyon, desert landscapes, and Native American heritage in Arizona.

Louisiana's Vibrant Spirit

Dive into the lively festivals, delicious cuisine, and rich history of Louisiana.

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