10 Items That Everyone Universally Steals – Do You?


Certain items seem to have a mysterious way of disappearing, finding their way into pockets and bags everywhere. Explore this list of 10 universally stolen items—do you have any in your possession?


From offices to homes, pens seem to vanish without a trace. They're one of the most commonly "borrowed" items.


Whether for jotting down quick notes or doodling, notepads have a tendency to end up in unintended hands.


Lighters have a way of changing ownership at gatherings, often making their way into someone else's pocket.


Personalized mugs at workplaces and homes often mysteriously become a part of someone else's mug collection.


Restaurants and cafeterias frequently lose cutlery as patrons inadvertently keep them when leaving.

Hotel Toiletries

Travelers often take hotel toiletries home, making them one of the most "souvenir-ed" items.


Borrowing books and not returning them is a common way for books to change ownership.


In communal spaces like offices or libraries, headphones often disappear temporarily.

Charging Cables

Charging cables have a way of migrating from one device to another, often without their owners realizing.

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