10 Fantastic Upper Body Barbell Exercises for Mass and Strength

Bench Press

The classic bench press targets chest, shoulders, and triceps. Use proper form for maximum gains.

Barbell Rows

Strengthen your back and core with barbell rows. Maintain a strong posture throughout the movement.

Overhead Press

Build powerful shoulders and traps by pressing the barbell overhead. Engage your core for stability.

Bent-Over Rows

Hit your upper back and lats with bent-over rows. Keep your back straight and pull the barbell towards your abdomen.

Bicep Curls

Isolate your biceps by performing barbell curls. Control the motion and squeeze at the top of each rep.

Skull Crushers

Target your triceps with skull crushers. Lower the barbell towards your forehead and extend your arms.

Upright Rows

Develop your lateral deltoids and traps with upright rows. Lift the barbell under your chin, elbows high.


Enhance trap muscles with shrugs. Elevate your shoulders while holding the barbell, then lower with control.

Incline Bench Press

Focus on upper chest with incline bench press. Feel the stretch and squeeze at the top of the movement.

Close-Grip Bench Press

Narrow grip bench press hones in on triceps. Maintain control as you lower the barbell towards your chest.

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